13 Elegant and Feminine Little Black Dresses

Dress codes are written and, more often, unwritten rules with regard to clothing.

The little black dress has certainly gone through a metamorphosis. For what seems like forever, this was the sort of garment every woman wanted to keep on hand. Simple and unobtrusive, a little black dress could be counted on to make one look proper, discreet but well-dressed and never out of place.

When you want to hear the most beautiful fashion fairytale, the masters of high fashion and style admirers will tell you the story about the little black dress. Today, the little black dress is synonymous for elegance and in the past has been revolution in  the world of fashion art.

Because Every Woman Needs Black Dress we made in this article a selection of LBD that we love,  hope that you will enjoy and share 🙂13 Elegant and Feminine Little Black Dresses